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Dell 4GB single channel PCI-E X4 Fibre Channel host bus adapter
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● Warranty: 3-Years


Dell 4GB single channel PCI-E X4 Fibre Channel host bus adapter

Host Bus Specifications
Bus Interface: x4 PCI Express
Memory: 1 MB SRAM per port, 1 MB FLASH (SPI), and 2 KB NVRAM (SPI)
Compliance: Conforms to PCI Express Base Specification rev. 1.0a, PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification, rev. 1.0a, PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification revision 1.1

Fibre Channel Specifications
Data Rate: 4/2/1 Gb/s auto-negotiation (4.25/2.125/1.0625 Gb/s)
Performance: 150,000 IOPS per port
Throughput: 750 MB/s maximum per port
Topology: Point-to-point (N_Port), Arbitrated Loop (NL_Port), and Switched Fabric (N_Port)
Logins: Support for F_Port and FL_Port login. 2,048 concurrent logins and 2,048 active exchanges.
Class of Service: Class 2 and 3
Protocols: FCP (SCSI-FCP), IP (FC-IP), FICON (FC-SB-2), FC-TAPE (FCP-2)
Buffer Credits: 3 credits available (2,112 Byte frame payload)
Compliance: SCSI-3 Fibre Channel Protocol (SCSI-FCP), Fibre Channel Physical and Signaling Interface (FC-PH), Fibre Channel 2nd Generation (FC-PH-2), Third Generation Fibre Channel Physical and Signaling Interface (FC-PH-3), Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL-2), Fibre Channel Fabric Loop Attachment Technical Report (FC-FLA), Fibre Channel-Private Loop Direct Attach Technical Report (FC-PLDA), Fibre Channel Tape (FC-TAPE) profile, SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol-2 (FCP-2), Second Generation FC Generic Services (FC-GS-3), Third Generation FC Generic Services (FC-GS-3), Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling (FC-FS)

Form Factor
Ports: Single (QLE2460)
Connections: Small Form Factor Fixed (SFF) multimode optic with LC-style connector
Bracket size: Standard: 1.84 cm x 12.08 cm (.73 in. x 4.76 in.)

Software Environments
Applications: SANsurfer FC HBA Manager, SANsurfer FC CLI, SANsurfer Express
Operating Systems: Windows? Server? 2003, Windows? 2000, Solaris? 9,10, Linux? Red Hat? AS 3.0, 4.0, Linux? SUSE? SLES 8, 9, VMWare
HW Platforms: IA32 (x86), IA64, IEM64T, AMD Opteron? 64, SUN SPARC
Flash Utilities: Utilities for firmware, driver, boot code, and NVRAM
Boot Support: BIOS, EFI, and FCode

Environmental Operating Conditions
Operating: 0°C/32°F to 55°C/131°F
Storage: -20°C/-4°F to 70°C/158°F
Relative (non-condensing): 10% to 90%
Storage: 5% to 95%
Power dissipation: ~9.0 W
Cable distances:
1 Gbps: 500 meters 50/125 μm fiber, 300 meters 62.5/125 μm fiber
2 Gbps: 300 meters 50/125 μm fiber, 150 meters 62.5/125 μm fiber
4 Gbps: 150 meters 50/125 μm fiber, 70 meters 62.5/125 μm fiber
RoHS Compliant: Only RoHS compliant HBAs will be offered in the QLE246x family

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