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10GbE CX4 Cable 2M (Latch to Latch)

10GbE CX4 Cable 2M (Latch to Latch)


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● Compatible with: Belkin CX4-2M, Qlogic 7104-2M-CABLE...
● 10Gtek Made in China.
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10GBase-CX4 is an IEEE specification for 10 Gigabit over coaxial cable, intended to connect servers, switches and storage over short distances of up to 15 metres/50 feet. 10GBase-CX4 or 802.3ak uses the Infiniband 4X connector to maximize signal strength and can support data transfers of up to 10 Gigabits per second, 10 times as fast as gigabit Ethernet. It combines low cost cables and equipment with high speed for short distance connections. Applications include inter-switch, switch to server and storage CX4 Cables are tested to a higher test standard than are InfiniBand cables.Therefore, CX4 cables are backwards compatible to Infinband, but Infiniband cables do not necessarily meet CX4 test standards.

● CX4(SFF-8470) to CX4(SFF-8470)
● 2 Meters
● AWG28/AWG30
● 10GBase-CX4 / 802.3ak complaint
● Infiniband compatible

● Belkin CX4-2M,
● Qlogic 7104-2M-CABLE

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10GbE CX4 Cable 2M (Latch to Latch)
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